Shop for your dress with an open mind

It is very daunting for some people to go shopping for their Wedding Gown. We have had some very nervous Brides come into our shop, but when they leave, they are relaxed, happy and very excited! The best way to shop is to be relaxed and have an open mind. 
If you go with set ideas and styles, then you could just miss that perfect dress! Be open to different styles and fabrics. Move away from the idea of certain styles for certain shaped bodies, you need to try everything! 

Once you start trying the dresses on, you will probably be surprised at how many different styles and fabrics you suit. Many a Bride has asked for plain and simple – but could not quite find what they wanted. We have put them in something more fancy and decorative and they have fallen in love with it. It also works the other way too! When you look in magazines, you are looking at the models, and they always look amazing – you have to think about you – your shape and what you look and feel good in. 

Trust the staff in the shops. They are professionals and they know their dresses and which would suit you. Dresses look so different on the hanger than when you put them on. 
Wear comfortable underwear – it can make all the difference to the look of the dress. A lot of Brides want to wear ‘pull in’ underwear, but a lot of the dresses now do that for you! 
Do not wear a lot of make – up or false tan as some shops will refuse to let you try the dress on in case you damage and mark the dress with products that they cannot get out of the dresses. It is not nice trying the dresses on when they are covered in make-up and false tan. 
You can add straps and belts or take them off and have a slightly different look to the dress with just minor adjustments. However, if you start making too many changes, then that is not the dress for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – that’s what we are here for! 
Try your favourite Wedding dresses on with veils, (all different lengths and styles) petticoats and Tiara’s as this will help you see the whole picture. It’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference to the dress. 
We can make you look amazing, but you also have to feel amazing! Remember to enjoy every minute of choosing the most important dress you will ever buy. We want it to be a memory that you will cherish forever. We just adore the squeals of delight and happy tears when a Bride says ‘YES’ to the dress! 


A custom existed where maidens where dressed similarly to the Bride, and they would then accompany the Bride on her way to the groom, usually in the next village. They would act as her protectors, to deflect spurned suitors and evil spirits to assure the Bride reached her Groom safely. 
Today a Bridesmaid’s job is to assist the Bride with anything to do with the Wedding. This can be anything from the Hen night, through to dressing of the Bride on her big day. 
As for attire, the Bridesmaids are to compliment the Bride and the theme and colour of the Wedding. 
If you have a few Bridesmaids, you will find that they can be all different shapes, sizes and alternative tastes!. This can seem like a major problem to get a style and colour to suit everyone, but It is not as difficult as it seems. 
Chiffon is a great material to use as it is very forgiving can make all sizes look great. As long as you get the style right, it is extremely comfortable to wear and very forgiving. 
We find that if ladies have a large bust, they do prefer straps or sleeve’s because they feel more comfortable, where as smaller sized ladies tend to go strapless. We find that in this situation, halter neck straps work well as a compromise. If you have a chiffon dress in a style that comes from under the bust, this tends to flatter all shapes and sizes. You can also have everyone in the same colour, but with different styles to suit each individual Bridesmaid. 
Sometimes colour is an issue. If you have blonde, brunette and a red head, it can be difficult to get a shade to suit everyone. Good boutiques will have a large swatch card of colours, and you can get the girls to go through them eliminating certain shades until there is a colour that suits everyone. It might seem like a time consuming exercise, but it will be worth it in the end as everyone will be happy. 
Remember, the Bridesmaid is there to assist the Bride and help her have an amazing day, but the most important thing is for everyone to have a great time celebrating this wonderful event! 

To Veil Or Not To Veil

That is question quite a lot of Brides ask when they have chosen their dress. I thought I would give you a quick insight on the reason for a Veil. There are a few different reasons why veils are worn at the Wedding ceremony. 
Veils go back as far as ancient Roman times, they were usually flame coloured and they were used to ward off evil spirits that might prey on a young innocent, vulnerable Bride. 
Many veils are used for religious beliefs, and are a sign of humility and respect before God. Another thought could be that in arranged marriages, the Groom could not see the Bride before they were Wed, and therefore could not run off! 
During the Victorian times, the length, weight and Quality of the veil was used as a status symbol. The grander and longer the veil, the higher your position in Society. 
In today’s society it is more of an accessory and down to personnel choice. A lot of Brides are afraid of the veil taking away from the beauty of the Wedding Gown. It depends on the style of your Gown to which veil will look the best. We do a bespoke service for our veils, where a bride can have whatever she wishes! 
Once you have your gown on, try veils on in different lengths. Sometimes a Bride feels more comfortable in a shorter veil that just hangs just down the back does not cover her face. (The part that covers your face is called a ‘Blusher’. ) You can have the veil in single tier, two tier or three tier if you want a really big statement.! All tiers come in all lengths. 

You have 54 length which just comes past your shoulders, 72 length which comes to your finger tips and just covers past your hips, 108 length which is just to the floor, 126 length which is a normal train length, and 144 length which is Cathedral length. The veils do come in other sizes and names, but these are the most common ones. You can have your veil made to the exact length you want. 
Having a long veil can add drama and style or just make a Wedding Gown look fairytale and gentle. 
The veil can be plain or have sparkles, lace, ribbon, infact, we can make the veil very unique to you! The veil should always comliment the dress and the Bride should always feel comfortable. A lot of Brides change their mind about not having a veil once they try them on. It is not often in life you can wear one, so don’t be afraid to try them on – you can still say no! If you decide to have a veil, enjoy wearing it and make sure you get some amazing photo’s ! 
Whether or not you wear a veil, enjoy your big day and have a fabulous time! 

Coloured Wedding Gowns

We often get Brides into our boutique who want to be funky, quirky or just different – but who are a little bit nervous of which way to go. If you want to step away from the traditional Wedding Gown but also feel like an amazing Bride, why not have a short dress with a difference! The traditional ‘White Wedding Dress’ has changed colour over the years. Brides do now tend to choose the Ivory as sometimes this can give your complexion a really nice glow. The new colours for this next year are champagne and light gold’s which give a lovely warm and deep effect to the Wedding Gown. 
A Designer we stock offer a diverse range of carefully selected dresses ideal for any wedding theme. Ranging from flirty 50s-style short wedding dresses, to highly embellished princess bridal gowns, every single design is finished off to the highest quality and features luxurious beadwork. These frocks don’t just look and feel amazing, they won’t blow your budget either! 

Do you dare to break the mould and wear something a little bit more fashion forward? One of their Lace t-length Wedding Gowns look amazing with coloured petticoats underneath, and with the shoes dyed the same colour as the petticoats, the result is subtle but very eye catching. 
We do know that at Christmas times Brides have been known to go for red or white Wedding gowns and at Halloween Brides have worn black and/or Orange to fit in with their theme. There is some amazing Rainbow coloured dresses of all styles and shapes if you really want to go for something completely different! 

It does take an amazing amount of courage to go for a coloured wedding dress, but the results can be amazing. Trust your instincts, trust your vision, and trust your heart! 

Getting Married In Hot Weather

Getting married in hot weather need not make too much of a difference to the Wedding dress that you choose. If you still want a formal or traditional dress, you should consider a lightweight fabric, ideally a natural fabric such as silk and organza, as these will ‘breathe’ in the heat (and you won’t sweat so much!). 
If you would like something light weight and not too fitted, go for fabrics like Crepe, Chiffon, lace and organza. 
We have gowns ideal for Weddings in hot weather. One in particular is fitted around the bust, giving just enough sparkle to shine in the sun, and then drops into a stunning skirt of chiffon and crepe. The quality of this gown gives a beautiful flow and elegance to the whole look. 
If you would like a lace dress, go for the lighter, softer lace, which will flow and flatter in the gentle breeze. One of our favourites is an off the shoulder lace Gown, not too fitted, but it is light and flattering.
You can also go for a 'T-length' dress. This will enable you to have a more 'Princess' feel, without the weight of the skirts that you get with the really big princess dresses.
Dresses with illusion or open backs are really good for keeping you cool, but be careful of ‘strap marks’ from sunbathing beforehand. 
Whichever style or fabric you choose, make sure you are comfortable and feel amazing!. 
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